Summer blouses arriving in abundance.

Hello, this is the kimono remake and kimono reform service in Yokohama Aobadai.『gallery/rurimon』

Summer blouses are arriving one after another. The weather forecast seems to indicate it will be an increasingly hot summer this year.
When we're told year after year that temperature and rainfall records are being rewritten, I seriously get scared about what will happen to the earth going forward.
We're doing what we can little by little. At Rurimon, we've been quick to adopt solar power and storage batteries to contribute to renewable energy (or so we intend)!"For solar power and battery storage, please consult us."Solar Power K&MIt also provides consultation services for home renovations.
The long blouse in the photo is made of cotton and linen. It is a free size. The length is 95 cm. Price: ¥6,900 (including tax ¥7,590).

▲Cotton 85%, Linen 15%