Remake a long blouse from Kurume kasuri fabric

Hello, this is the kimono remake and kimono reform service in Yokohama Aobadai.『gallery/rurimon』

I have received a piece of Kurume kasuri fabric and remade it into a long blouse.
Kurume kasuri is a traditional craft that has been loved for many years due to its beautiful patterns and high practicality. Although machine-woven fabrics have become more common recently, the piece I received is an impressive hand-woven one with a distinctive pattern.
Being made of cotton, it is highly durable and resistant to washing. It is said to retain its color well even after long-term use and develop a richer texture over time.
Furthermore, it has excellent breathability, making it particularly comfortable to wear in the summer.
It's perfect for the rainy season! Although it's a humid time of year, please enjoy wearing this garment comfortably. CopyRetry

▲Distinctive pattern

▲The pattern matching was perfectly aligned both in front and back.